Protect employees and visitors with security protocols

We understand that feeling safe is the cornerstone of a successful visit. That's why i-Visits provides you with the tools necessary to keep your employees and visitors secure and have peace of mind.


What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is a software application used to track and manage visitors to a facility. It typically records basic visitor information such as name, company, purpose of visit, time in/out and other details. The system can also be used to generate reports and analyze visitor data. Visitor management systems are often integrated with access control systems for enhanced security.

i-Visits, a visitor management system, is a tool that helps organizations to better manage the entry and exit of visitors on their premises. It provides enhanced security for employees and visitors alike by logging the entry and exit of individuals. With this system, organizations can have a secure and organized way to track who is entering or leaving their premises.

i-Visits also offers a range of features such as real-time notifications, visitor screening, visitor badge printing, reporting capabilities, and more. All these features help organizations to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed on their premises. By using this system, organizations can ensure the safety of their employees and visitors while improving efficiency at the same time.


Who uses Visitor Management Systems?

Visitor Management Systems are used in various industries such as Healthcare, Education, Corporate Offices, Retail Stores and Government Buildings.  i-Visits is used to track visitors, contractors, and employees entering the premises to ensure safety and security. You can register and invite visitors, and maintain accurate records of who is entering the building. Monitor who is coming in for meetings or other events in order to provide better security for sensitive information or documents.



Make your Workplace SMARTER and SAFER.

Keep your premises secure and your visitors safe with i-Visits! Our powerful visitor management system offers real-time notifications, visitor screening, badge printing & more. Get the peace of mind you need with our reliable & easy-to-use app. Track visitors quickly & accurately, keep your premises secure and make sure visitors are welcomed the way you want them to be. Try i-Visits today and experience a new level of security!

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